The First HermÈs Parfumerie Opening


DML’s latest creative work for Hermès was a digitally focused event and augmented reality (AR) app, to launch the first ever freestanding Hermès Parfumerie. DML’s goal was to faithfully express the rich heritage inherent to Hermès parfums metier, its rich history of innovation and craftsmanship, and the refined artistry that defines the Hermes brand.
DML worked with Hermès to discover an innovative, interactive, mobile-first opening concept for the first-ever stand-alone boutique to the Hermes PARFUMS universe.


The Launch

To bring this campaign to life, DML + Hermès conceived and produced a launch event that was a celebration of the senses through a distinctly Hermès lens. Guests were fully immersed in a world of Hermès: from the decadent floral-draped entry to a 7-foot rendering of the Origami Cheval featured in the home fragrance collection to the group of drummers playing the iconic Hermes hat boxes.

"To celebrate the opening of the Hermès Parfumerie, a special and highly contemporary form of storytelling was required. The result, in collaboration with DML, has been quite exceptional, capturing the playful spirit of delight and discovery that exists at the heart of the House."
— Peter Malachi, Senior VP of Communication at Hermès of Paris


DML created an augmented reality (AR) app  in support of the Hermès Parfumerie, further blurring the lines between digital and experiential content. The goal was to elevate and enrich the guests’ tactile, physical experience through an innovative journey of discovery. Using the camera of one’s mobile device, the app reveals hidden content throughout the store, allowing the Hermès metier story to unfold before the guests’ eyes.


Augmented Reality


By embracing Hermès longstanding commitment to evolution and innovation, DML and Hermès successfully created a comprehensive, holistic brand experience that resulted in delight and discovery for a new generation of Hermès customers.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.27.22 PM.png

The Parfumerie as an Art Patron

In keeping with Hermès’ long-standing tradition of artist collaborations, both at the retail level and for special events, artists are commissioned to provide original artwork for collateral, in-store digital art installations, and retail window displays, which rotate throughout the year. DML works with the artists to animate the window, giving the artwork unique digital dimension. 





Hermès Parfumerie 'Prestige Award' 2015


Total Press : 190,071,770

Total Social Media: 4,033,445

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